Dakini Bhutan Shilajit, collected from the Himalayas, is a precious black resinous substance,seeping out of mountain cracks at elevations of 4500 meters. It is not only an ancient beneficial supplement for human beings but also a precious resource of the Earth.

The history of the use of Shilajit can be traced back 3 thousand years. Shilajit has been widely recognized as a natural complex of anti-aging and rejuvenation by Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. DakiniDeesse discovered the amazing effect of Shilajit on the external application for skin reparation and regeneration. After years of research and development, Shilajit has become a new legend of anti-aging skincare.

Incomparable Origination

Bhutan Shilajit originated from the Himalayas via plate movement 65 million years ago.During the collision of the Indian and Asian continents, tropical forests and seabed plants were crushed and compacted into the earth along with the minerals and nutrients. Having being sealed deeply in the mountain, those plants and essences were pulverized via microbial action. Over millions of years they have been transformed into a healthy, beneficial and highly absorbable biomass.

The Limited Release of Bhutan’s National Treasure

Regarding Shilajit as a national treasure, the Bhutan government restricts and controls the harvest and export of Shilajit each year. The origin area of Shilajit is protected as well, and is a place where most people are not allowed to enter. The collection of Shilajit for DakiniDeesse is carried out by licensed collectors only under forest police’s supervision. More than that, the work of Shilajit collection is a very hazardous practice.