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When it comes to “Bhutan,” what will crosses your mind? Perhaps it is “The last Shangri-La hidden in the Himalayas?” or “The happiest country in the world?” Or maybe it is “the most romantic love story of a King and Queen”?

In addition to these, more secrets in Bhutan are waiting for you to explore.

The founder had come to a renowned Buddhist college, Dzongsar Institute, in Northern India to study Dharma and become a monk. During five years in the pursuit of Dharma knowledge, he received the unique heritage of Himalayan medicine and its highly valued ancient concept of wellness and wellbeing.

It was his destiny that Bhutan Shilajit was introduced to him. Shilajit is a kind of mysterious black resinous substance, seeping out mountain cracks. It collected at 4500 meters high on the Himalayas. It has been regarded as the elixir of life, and strictly protected by Himalayan civilizations for thousands of years. At present, only Bhutan preserves genuine effective Shilajit.

Having gone through all kinds of hardships and difficulties, the founder eventually brought Bhutan Shilajit to light. He incorporated Shilajit into modern technology, and created a rejuvenation skin care product series. The effectiveness amazes beauty care experts for it solves aging problems in a short time.


“Dakini,” originated from Sanskrit with the meaning of “Spiritual Goddess”, representing the synergy of inner wisdom and mercy. “Déesse,” from Latin in the Western, stands for edgy technology from Western modernization.

DakiniDéesse symbolizes the collaboration between the East and West goddesses. The anti-aging products of DakiniDéesse are developed on the foundation of the combination between natural wholeness balance in ancient oriental medicine and advancing progress technology by Western culture. Inherited from the Bhutan value, DakiniDeesse cherries the principle of harmony most between nature and humanity. We produce only the necessary amount of products, free from consumerism.

DakiniDéesse, from Bhutan, represents not only the purity and time-reversing magic, bus also inner happiness and equality of all being. We invite you to join the journey with DakiniDéesse. Your beauty, more than just the appearance, will be radiated from the inside out by sharing the purity and equality in Bhutan’s soul.


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