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Top Tier Shilajit
The best Shilajit is known to be from the Himalayas. Bhutan Shilajit is considered the best of all due to its superior conservation and pure environment. 

Limited Release
Climbing the cliffs and gathering it carefully by hand is the only way to collect Bhutan Shilajit. Once it is gathered by hand from the cracks in the rocks it requires from 2 to 50 years to regenerate, before being collected again. Therefore, regarding it as a national treasure, the Bhutan government restricts and controls the harvest and export of Shilajit each year. The availability of Dakini Bhutan Shilajit is very limited.

Thousand-year ancient techniques
Dakini Bhutan Shilajit uses only superior quality material and upholds the traditional techniques to produce its premier purity. With ancient wisdom, we add no artificial additives, preservatives, enzymes, or chemicals are added in the process at all and maintain its maximum activity.

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The diamond for the honey experts
▶ Abundant natural nutrition value due to its production by bees collecting nectar from high altitude flowers and rare herbs. 
▶ Produced by the happiest wild bees on the purist land free from any containment in the world
▶ A limited amount of harvest due to the season for honey collection is very short.
▶ Various layers of light, unique floral fragrance giving you a surprisingly charming flavor that cannot be synthesized or reproduced.

About the Bee
The Himalayan forest wild bee cannot be kept by beekeepers in common management models. The relationship between bees and the "beekeepers" of Bhutan is similar to "mutualism." The bees build honeycombs in their houses as winter shelter, and the beekeepers take only necessary amount of bees. They don't intervene in each other's life. Both bees and mankind share a natural and peaceful life.

About the Place of Origin
Bhutan Divine Mountain Honey is produced in the primeval forests of the Himalayas in Bhutan South National Park. With the special geography of Bhutan, numerous rare high altitude palnts and herbs grow here which  can't be cultivated in any other areas on the Earth. This is also the reason why the bees and the honey are full of vitality.