What are the differences between "Natural Facial Oil - Lightening Blend" and "Enchantment Blend" ?

What are the differences between DakiniDéesse's "Natural Facial Oil - Lightening Blend" and "Enchantment Blend" ?

In recent years, "oil" in skincare has gradually been "acknowledged," as good oils can help create excellent skincare results for the skin. DakiniDéesse's "Natural Facial Oil - Enchantment Blend" is a product with a very high repurchase rate, offering a combination of multiple advantages in absorption, freshness, nourishment, and an incredibly soothing aroma, making it challenging to find a similar-priced skincare oil on the market.

So, what are the differences between DakiniDéesse's "Natural Facial Oil - Lightening Blend" and "Enchantment Blend" ?

✓ Different skincare purposes lead to variations in formula proportions and combinations

"Enchantment Blend" is formulated to moisturize, hydrate, and provide anti-aging repair all at once. 

It usessweet almond oil, sea buckthorn oil,and rosehip oil as base oils.In addition to the essential moisturizing work (sweet almond oil), the focus is on deep repair, eliminating underlying aging factors (sea buckthorn oil), and addressing skin brightening and fine line reduction (rosehip oil).

On the other hand, "Lightening Blend" aims for moisturization, radiance, and a flawless complexion. 

It selectsrosehip oil, jojoba oil,and sweet almond oil.While efficiently fulfilling the moisturizing role (sweet almond oil), the primary effects of this oil include eliminating dullness and yellowing factors in the skin, diminishing flaws and fine lines, and achieving an even, radiant complexion (rosehip oil). Simultaneously, it forms a protective film on the skin, resisting environmental harm and repairing internal damage (jojoba oil).

✓ Different base oil formulas and textures

"Enchantment Blend" and "Lightening Blend"are small-molecule oils with extremely light textures and rapid absorption. Their moisturizing and hydrating functions are excellent, making them suitable for combination and dry skin types. The difference lies in"Lightening Blend,"which incorporates a lighter jojoba oil formula for even better absorption. If you appreciate the moisturizing yet non-greasy feel of "Enchantment Blend," you will find the texture of "Lightening Blend"" equally suitable.

✓ Different aromatherapy aspects

"Enchantment Blend"features a forest woody fragrance with East Indian Sandalwood as the main note, complemented by natural compound essential oils such as tuberose, rock orchid, anise, and guaiac wood. It deeply releases tension, stabilizes emotions, opens the closed heart chakra, and unleashes your inherent charm.

"Lightening Blend," in contrast,offers a rich rose floral scent, starring Damascus Rose, combined with orange blossom, juniper berry, grapefruit, and true lavender essential oils. This fragrance provides a gentle embrace, purifies negative energy, and brings a sense of happiness and love.