Skincare Guides

With DakiniDeesse Skincare products, in a short time and by only a few simple steps, you can restore the natural beauty of your skin! Enjoy unexpected benefits! DakiniDeesse assures you of healthier, glowing skin!

Step 1 Cleansing

Effective cleaning is the first step to insure that all vital ingredients will be fully absorbed by your skin.

The Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser is gentle, and yet it provides thoroughly deep cleansing!. With a high penetration of Fulvic Acid, harmful agents deposited in the skin are removed. The low acidic, delicate foam, rich in Fulvic Acid keeps the sebum film healthy.

  • Once a day before sleep (after removing makeup), apply a small amount, wash your face for 10~20 seconds, and then rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Wash your face with water only in the morning.

Step 2 Preparation

The Anti-Aging Toner is specifically designed for the later absorption of Bhutan Shilajit essences in the Serum and Cream. Rich in Fulvic Acid, minerals and various antioxidant plant extracts, the Toner replenishes hydration and makes a perfect preparation.

  • After cleansing, spray onto the face evenly, gently pat your face.
  • Use the toner at least 2 times a day in the morning and at night.

Step 3 Treatment

For daily comprehensive anti-aging skin care: Anti-Aging Serum. For superior Anti-Aging skin care: Bhutan Shilajit Rejuvenation Serum

Indulge your skin in the vital essence of Shilajit which originated in Bhutan 65 million years ago! This is the most crucial step to launch your rejuvenation journey.

  • Twice a day after toning, apply a proper amount of the serum and pat your face gently. The serum will effortlessly and instantly melt into your skin.
  • Put a greater amount of the serum on special parts for enhancement, such as the eye area or the skin around the lip.

Step 4 Reinforcement

Application of the Bhutan Shilajit Rejuvenation Cream or the Anti-Aging Cream helps lock in moisture and maximize the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

Simply complete an effective daily routine!

  • Twice a day after using the serum, apply a proper amount of the Cream.
  • Use your fingers to massage your face with sweeping motions. The cream quickly and easily dissolves completely into your skin. Massage your face with gentle and light pressure.
  • Sweep from the eye area outward to your whole face.
  • Then massage from the lower jaw towards your earlobes.

★ Enhancement by Aromatherapy Oil

Ideal for all skin types, specifically for skin areas with fine lines or noticeable dryness.

Use before makeup to enhance your natural youthful glow!

A cocktail of beneficial oils, including organic rosehip oil, organic sea buckthorn oil and essential oil with Bhutan breaths, deeply moisturizes the skin, leaving it calm and charming.

Ways of Applying:
  1. Mix 2-3 drops of the Oil and a proper amount of the cream evenly and then apply it to your face.
  2. Use the Oil alone after the serum and cream are applied. Put a few drops of the Oil in your palm, rub your palms together to warm the oil, and inhale deeply. Then put your palms on your face to press the oil into your skin.
  3. Pat the Oil on any part that you want to particularly enhance nourishment, like the eye area or the skin around the lip.

★ All Day Protection!

Carry the Anti-Aging Toner with you to replenish hydration and rich minerals whenever you feel the need. Repair the damages caused by sunlight and air pollution instantly.

Use the Toner when you go out or work in an air-conditioned room.