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The answer to your skin problems

DakiniDéesse’s promotional film

Taiwan health company introduces ancient Himalayan botanical, Shilajit, to Asia's beauty industry

There are numerous beauty products available on the market. However, what makes Shilajit products stand out is its all rounded benefit to the human body. Many of the beauty products are specified to achieve one aim, be it whitening or moisturising. However, with Shilajit products, due to the high number of minerals and Fulvic acid they contain, they will be able to provide multiple benefits

Black Life Source Collection Launching Party

DakiniDeesse Black Life Source Collection Launching Party @ HongKong with "14-day Rejuvenation Challenge" winners!

Let's Make Your Skin Be Fearless of Winter.

As we move into winter, the easiest way to beat dry skin might be to enhance hydration or apply rich moisturizer, but ask yourself this: Isn’t this just a superficial work?

Fulvic Acid – The New Benchmark for Skincare Ingredients

A New Favorite for Ladies of Europe, America, and Japan

Left a comfortable Life, he became a monk, leading him to realized the ultimate cause for diseases.

Shilajit has been handed down in the Himalaya area for thousands of years. It was called “conqueror of mountains” in Sanskrit, “gift of nature” in Nepali, and “Shilajit(喜來芝)” in Chinese. According to the Buddhist Scripture, it is the promise of Medicine Buddha, a mysterious substance to help people during the Dharma-Ending Age. The above picture shows a Bhutanese harvesting Shilajit.