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新加坡知名主播及作家--劉凱欣,在FaceBook 欣天地分享她對DakiniDeesse的驚豔感受!

Recommended by Katie Chang, TV news anchor

As a news anchor, I have to apply full face makeup very often, so it is very important for an anchor to have good skin, which can help the makeup look natural and glowing. This is the reason why I always need good skincare products.

Genuine Dewy and Moist with DakiniDéesse

"My skin feels silky and moist immediately. I’ve never used such kind of products. This is the first time." said Miss Natsuko, from Japan.

Easy Skincare Creates Flawless Skin Contour

"My skin around my chin and cheeks got a little loose and sagging. Now you see the sagging parts were lifted and tightened. I am so satisfied with that! " Sophie, a skincare expert, said happily.

Out of My Expectation – Fine Lines and Dark Spots Are Solved!

" When applying, I found my face skin absorbed it instantly. The texture of the products is fine and silky, very different from those I have used before." shared by Miss Chen, the Challenger of 14-day Rejuvenation Challenge.