He Yong Fang : DakiniDéesse is My Favorite.

During program filming, I have to put on heavy makeup and remove makeup repeatedly, which really causes many extra burdens on my skin...

He Yong Fang 何永芳, the star of stage, screen, and TV, the most beautiful "Huang Rong", a founder of an art gallery, and a hostess of internet programs, always keeps herself in the best conditions.

She is picky in skincare products and now DakiniDéesse is her favorite. She said, “ I have used a lot of the so-called good skincare brands and products from Japan, USA, Korea, etc... Working as an actress, it is inevitable that I have to put on heavy makeup and remove makeup repetitively, which really causes many extra burdens on my skin.” Therefore, she spends time in searching for skincare products that are the most beneficial and appropriate for her. Just by chance, a good friend of hers recommended DakiniDéesse. Yong Fang said, “ My friend told me it definitely helps with my skin.”  

Out of her curiosity, Yong Fang started to use DakiniDéesse skincare series that night. “When I got up the next morning, I felt obvious differences – my skin became softer. After I continued applying them for another week, they made noticeable improvements to my skin. It became more smooth and radiant. “ Yong Fang said happily, “Moreover, the wrinkles around the eye contour were significantly reduced.”

She mentioned, “Among all the differences, the best one is that the products made my makeup blend and stay in place well. My makeup used to get a little cakey easily. But after I applied DakiniDéesse skincare products, it is getting easier to put on makeup and the makeup blends very well without a cakey look.” Yong Fang can't wait to share her joy with everyone.

Video: https://www.dakinideesse.com/article/50