Wearing a mask can't hide your beautiful eyes.

In the season of coronavirus, people wear masks to prevent virus, but masks can’t hide the window to the soul. To communicate with the world through sparkling eyes, don’t forget to take care of them.

The skin of the eye contour is the thinnest and most vulnerable part on the entire face. Each eye has 6 strain muscles, a person blinks 28,800 times in a day, and the skin of the eye is so thin that collagen loss makes it the first most noticeable aging place. These are the reasons why the signs of aging show firstly around eye contour.

When people are over 30 years old, wrinkles appear around the eye contour; over 40, the upper eyelids and eye bags become noticeably puffy or drooping. Therefore, skincare for the eye area should be started as early as possible. Various aging signs around eye contour are difficult to deal with, but for DakiniDéesse with Bhutan Shilajit, it is a piece of cake. 

One more step to treat crow's feet, eye bags, fine lines and drooping eyelids

˙After applying the serum, dot one more drop of Bhutan Shilajit Rejuvenation Serum or Anti-Aging Serum over the eyelids and skin around the eye contour. Then apply Anti-Aging Cream or Aromatherapy Oil - enchantment blend
˙Before you go to bed, dot one more drop of Bhutan Shilajit Rejuvenation Serum or Anti-Aging Serum over the eyelids and skin around the eye contour. Use your fingers to press gently the skin around the eyes. The serums will be absorbed soon effortlessly. 

For more information about how to apply, please refer to https://www.dakinideesse.com/SkincareGuides

DakiniDéesse skincare collections are:
˙enriched with natural ingredients, which can lift and strengthen skin structure;
˙ideal for all skin types so you can choose the products freely according to your needs;
˙formulated with simple and effective ingredients that can be deeply absorbed by the thin and vulnerable skin without causing any burdens. 

Q & A

Some may have concerns about applying facial serums and creams around the eye contour instead of “eye serum” or “eye cream.” Don’t worry, let’s check it out:

Q: The Anti-Aging Cream is not “eye cream,” can it be used around the eyes?
A: Of course. The molecular size of the key ingredient “Bhutan Shilajit” is extremely small so it can carry ionic minerals and trace elements to penetrate deeply into the skin. The skin around eye contour is pretty thin, which particularly needs to strengthen the inner structure and rebuild the lost collagen layer. The eye contour will regain its firm and elastic texture.

Q: Doesn’t the Serum irritate eyes?
A: The formulas of the DakiniDéesse products contain the maximum concentration of the natural components which are characterized by anti-aging effect and low irritation. Therefore, you can close your eyes and apply the serums on the eyelids. You will see the eyelids are lifted, and surprisingly, the eyelashes became longer!

Q: Which products are best for me?
A: (1) For people with more obvious fine lines, eye bags, and sagging eyelids, we recommend Bhutan Shilajit Rejuvenation Serum and Anti-Aging Cream. (2) For people with fine lines and little sagging skin, the Anti-Aging Serum and Cream are more than enough. (3) For people with fine lines caused by dry skin, the must-have is Aromatherapy Oil - enchantment blend

Q: Do the product make fat grains occur due to their nutrients?
A: No. The DakiniDéesse skincare products strengthen the skin structure. Meanwhile, the skin's metabolism will be improved so fat grains will naturally be removed, leaving no pain, no itch, and no scar.