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What are the differences between "Natural Facial Oil - Lightening Blend" and "Enchantment Blend" ?

What are the differences between DakiniDéesse's "Natural Facial Oil - Lightening Blend" and "Enchantment Blend" ?

JAPANESE FULVIC ACID – Born for "True Purification"

Why DakiniDéesse utilizing "Japanese Fulvic Acid" as its key anti-aging ingredients?

Effective Using Tips|Natural Facial Oil - Enchantment Blend / Lightening Blend

In addition to the typical classic applications, the Natural Facial Oil Collection can be incorporated into daily skincare according to various needs. Let's explore interesting ways of using them based on your skin type!

Wash for a Clear and Radiant Bare Face, Say Goodbye to Pores and Oiliness|Facial Cleansing Tips

Whether you have oily, combination, dry, sensitive, or acne-prone skin, when using the Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser, follow the appropriate facial cleansing techniques for your skin type. Regardless of the season, your skin can maintain stability, moisture, and radiance.

I got rid of the under-eye fat grain in 3 days!

Working as a dancing teacher in Hong Kong, Miss Ho has stressed the importance of skin care and body shape. After joining the 14-day Rejuvenation Challenge, she was surprised that her concerned skin problems were greatly improved very much. What amazed her most is that she got rid of her under-eye fat grain in 3 days. Let's see what she shares with us.

A Special Christmas Gift from Kai Xin ─ The Second surprise about Bhutan

I came across a skincare product from Bhutan that was so awesome. So with more curiosity about Bhutan, I am wondering what kind of country it is that produces such a great substance?

Tony Kim (金举拱), long time no see. Why he agrees to shoot for this?

Tony Kim, who was an accomplished actor in Singapore, has been immersed in skincare and beauty industry for decades. Why did he agree to shoot for DakiniDéesse?

Why She Never Ages? ─ Teo Ser Lee

Teo Ser Lee, Miss Singapore / Globe, discloses her ageless secret!

He Yong Fang : DakiniDéesse is My Favorite.

During program filming, I have to put on heavy makeup and remove makeup repeatedly, which really causes many extra burdens on my skin...

Recommended by Katie Chang, TV news anchor

As a news anchor, I have to apply full face makeup very often, so it is very important for an anchor to have good skin, which can help the makeup look natural and glowing. This is the reason why I always need good skincare products.

The answer to your skin problems

DakiniDéesse’s promotional film

Wearing a mask can't hide your beautiful eyes.

In the season of coronavirus, people wear masks to prevent virus, but masks can’t hide the window to the soul. To communicate with the world through sparkling eyes, don’t forget to take care of them.